Establishing your presence online.

When you are trying to establish your presence online it is very important to have the same user name across the World Wide Web.

This proved to be quite challenging when I was starting. My chosen name “mariannadesigns” would have been taken on a lot of social networking and marketing websites. That was so frustrating, especially when people who have snatched your desired user name weren’t even named Marianna. I would have to modify it with dot, dash, etc. Little did I know there was a website just for checking your name availability across whole bunch of very popular websites. So, if you never heard about it you should check it out

This website lets you to plug in your desired name and check its availability on major websites. If your name is taken on most of them, you can edit it and check again, This is such a time saver and a great tool to check everything in one place.

And it also shows you available domain names at the top of the page.


Have fun and good luck:)


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